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On International Day of Tolerance Students Discuss Tolerance Towards Different Opinions and Behaviour

On November 16th at the Samara school �Tvorchestvo�, Tatiana Kozlova, an authority on children�s rights in the Samara oblast, carried out a round table session dedicated to the International Day of Tolerance.

At the round table, Samara students discussed the themes:

- how important tolerance is in the modern world,

- how to strengthen the spirit of tolerance in a multicultural and multi-faith region, country, and world,

- what methods need to be presently used to form relations of openness, attention to each other in society, the collective and the family.


November 16th- International Day of Tolerance

In 1995, UNESCO affirmed the �Declaration of Principles of Tolerance�, where it was established that tolerance is harmony in diversity. The declaration indicates tolerance to different opinions, behaviours and responsibilities to contribute to the assertion of human rights, pluralism, democracy and law.

Source: RIA Samara

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