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Attack in Moscow Metro: Skinheads Again?

On the Moscow metro between Baumanskaya and Kurskaya stations on November 3rd at approximately 10:10 p.m., a group of 8-9 adolescents attacked two Central Asia natives (supposedly from Uzbekistan). The incident was brought to light by a witness on an internet forum.

According to the eye witness, a group of intoxicated adolescents "burst into" the metro car at the Baumanskaya station, and noticing two passengers of �Asian appearance� (one of whom appeared to be around 30) quickly spread out in the metro car, blocking the front and rear doors, to prevent the victims from leaving. The group was led by a �tall guy with a shaved head in a black jacket and cap�. One from the group went up to the two who were seated, and after grabbing the handrail and lifting himself up, harshly kicked one of the victims. The remaining adolescents joined after this, and a �terrible massacre began�, during which the attackers screamed at the victims �Stay home!�. As the eye-witness notes, after a minute those who were attacked were lying on the floor in pools of blood and their attackers jumped out from the railroad car.

After reaching the Kurskaya station (from which both the attackers and the victims exited), the author of the commentary succeeded to note that one of the group was chased, and then detained, by a police officer.

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