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Israel has refused contacts to Minister of Education of Poland

The Israeli government refuses any contacts with the new minister of education of Poland as he heads the right-winged party, which they consider to be anti-Semitic, and its politics would therefore prevent any cooperation in the field of education. In particular, it is unlikely that this minister will introduce historical information on the Holocaust into the school curriculum, states an Israeli official.

Jerusalem has decided not to declare yet a formal boycott on Roman Giertych, however, it will avoid dealing with him instead. This has been stated by Tali Samesh, a representative of the Israeli Ministry for Foreign Affairs. �The Polish minister of education is at the same time, the president of the Polish party which is anti-Semitic; therefore we are not interested in any form of contact with him�, informed Samesh. �We do not intend to start any kind of program with them.�

Giertych, head of the �League of the Polish families�, has not yet given a comment on the announcement of the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The Polish party �League of the Polish families�, known under the abbreviation LPR, is a small ultra-catholic and nationalist party which has joined the ruling coalition in the beginning of May. These circumstances have already caused a number of protests in Warsaw and several other Polish cities.

The party, as well as their �All-Polish Youth� association, was repeatedly accused of fascism, and mass-media published photos of members of this organization with their hands lifted upwards in a Hitler-greeting.

Source: Utro

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