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Representatives of Foreign Embassies to familiarize themselves with new Tolerance Encouragement Policy in Latvia

A correspondent of ZAKS.ru announced that a Deputy of the Legislative Assembly of St. Petersburg has once more criticized the TV program �Two vs. One� at the recent meeting of the city government. �I was not merely excited about these two fellows, I was eager to escape this program which was awful for inhabitants of St. Petersburg to watch�, declared Rimmer during the discussion of the city program �Tolerance�.

The Deputy also expressed his opinion, that one of the immigration problems in Russia is the failure of some immigrants to become full members of society. �It is important for immigrants to adapt as much as possible to the Russian society. We have to help them study Russian history. This will allow them to become aware of Russia as their fatherland. Therefore, they have to realize their responsibility towards our great country�, said Igor Rimmer. The Deputy believes, however, that society should also make steps towards immigrants. �Often, migrants do not have respect for our great country and our great cities due to little bureaucratic obstacles.

St. Petersburg has to prove that it is ready to protect each and every single one of them. We shall bear witness that St. Petersburg is the first among those cities, that are ready to protect every inhabitant�, declared Deputy Rimmer.

Source: CitySpb.ru

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