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In St. Petersburg A Chinese Student Was Beaten And An Angolan Was Injured

In St. Petersburg last weekend, foreign students were again attacked. On Saturday in the middle of Nevskyi Prospekt, a Chinese student at the Petersburg Conservatory was beaten up. On Sunday during a fight in the metro, an Angolan student at the Agrarian University was stabbed.

The first incident happened on Nevskyi Prospekt on Saturday 10 a.m. According to information given by the Central Directorate of Internal Affairs of Saint Petersburg and the Leningrad Region, the 40 year old Chinese came across a group of unknown young people. He was taken to the Marinskyi Hospital with a craniocerebral trauma. The doctors described his condition as fairly serious. However, the foreign faculty of the Conservatory stated to �Novye Izvestiya� (NI), (New News) that they do not know what happened.

The second attack took place in the span between the metro stations �Sennaya Ploshchad� and �Nevskyi Prospekt� on Sunday evening. According to the prelimimary information, two young people started a fight with the 26 year old Markeshom Manyelom, an emigrant of Angola. What exactly the house builder from Moscow and his friend from Petersburg, a student of the Military-Transport University of Railroad Troops, were unhappy with has to be clarified by the evidence.

As a result, the visitor from the capital hit the Angolan with a broken bottle several times. The Angolan responded by stabbing the offender with a piece of glass. Both were brought to the hospital with medium serious conditions. The cadet was arrested by policemen working in the Metro.

Markesh Manuel was studying in his fourth year in the Farming Department of the Agrarian University of Saint Petersburg. The director of the university Mikhail Novikov told �NI� that Manuel was dismissed not long ago at his own request, but did not move out of the student dormitory. �At the moment, we are considering his request for reestablishment.� reported the director.

The fellow students of Markesh do not know yet what happened in the Metro car. They only heard about it Monday morning. �Right away the kids left to visit Markesh in the hospital.� said director Novikov. �They cut him in the face�. According to the director�s statement this was the first time such an incident has happened to one of their foreign students, as until then, not one of them has ever been attacked. � We even do not want to think about it, that they might have been skinheads. We hope that is was just a simple fight� declared the director.

In the War-Transport University, the students only got to know about the participant of the fight from the correspondent of �NI�. But the dean�s office assured us that the students of this university are not in any nationalistic groups. �If the head of the university finds out that one of their cadets even only sympathizes with skinheads, he would be dismissed right away�.

The law-enforcement agencies of the northern capital do not yet consider the nationalistic version of events as the basis. Nevertheless, incidences involving foreigners cause panic in St. Petersburg. As the practice shows, in the majority of similar cases the instigator turns out to be a member of a Nazi association, which defines its goal in cleaning up the city on the Neva from foreigners.

Source: : Newspaper �Novye Izvestiya�

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