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The Center for Interethnic Cooperation's training in Novosibirsk on March 3rd and 4th led to the creation of a project organized by Sergey Pilipenko (Ukrainian youth organization), Kamaliya Kerimovaya (Azerbaijani) and Katya Li (Korean), which has won a grant from the Administration of the Novosibirsk Region to conduct training seminars to develop a tolerant attitude among students. The seminars will begin in September.

The Association of Ethnic-Cultural Autonomies and Organizations of Novosibirsk in collaboration with the Cultural House �Tochmashevets�, where the association is located, have won a grant from the Department on Social Policy. Within the framework of this grant, the youth team will organize a festival on June 1st to celebrate Children Defense Day in the city�s "Industrial" district.

An interethnic children�s camp will be organized in Novosibirsk from August 3rd to 13th. The camp will be held at the base DOOL "Kirov" and orientation will be conducted from July 30th to August 2nd. The camp is taking place under the initiative of the Novosibirsk Municipal Direction of Public Relations and Interaction with Administrative Bodies, the Municipal Committee on Culture and Art, the association of ethnic-cultural autonomies and the organization "Concord". As a result, a special edition of the television program �Ethnic World� will be aired on channel 21 on the theme of �Siberian Youth Culture� and a brochure will be released. The Center for Interethnic Cooperation plans to take part in this project, as it did in 2006.

Inquiries: please call 227-41-03, Larisa Vasilevna Fisher - leading expert of the Novosibirsk Committee on Culture and Art.

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