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Multilateral Agreement on Support of Peace and Harmony will be Signed in Kondopoga at July 18

An Agreement about Cooperation and Plan of Cooperated actions between Ministry of Ethnic Policies and Relations with Religious Associations of Republic Karelia, Ministry of Internal Affairs of Republic Karelia, Administration of Federal Migration Service of Republic Karelia and regional social organizations and Kondopozhsk area were signed in Petrozavodsk at july 18th .

The signing of the agreement is a step of good will of execitive power, local government and representatives of civil society, aimed at harmonization of ethnic and religious relations and formation of civil harmony in the republic.

Projects of agreements were worked out on interregional seminars that were dedicated to solve the problem of cooperation of authority, law enforcement departments, ethnic and religious social associations of preventative measures against interethnic and interreligious conflicts. Representatives from Karelia, St. Petersburg, Vologda, Novgorod, Pskov and Murmansk took part in the discussion. Leaders of local self-government departments, departments of of internal affairs, social associations of Kondopozhsk, Oloneck, Pudozhsk, Prionezhsk, Segezhsk areas represented administrative teams of the municipal areas.

Head of the Kondopozhsk area signed the Agreement of Cooperation on behalf of his residents first and expressed their readiness to creat conditions to form peace, harmony and public credit. Participants of the agreement shoulder professional and civil responsibilities for cooperation with ethno-cultural autonomies, ethnic and religious associations as well as for creating conditions for successful social-cultural adaption of migrants, for development and support of socially important initiatives aimed at forming civil harmony, prevention of conflicts based on ethnic and religious ground, and for participation of conducting monitoring of ethnic-social process on the territory of municipal district.

In the near future Agreement of Cooperation will be signed by local self-government departments of municipal regions and urban districts of republics. Apart from republican and local authorities as the parties of the Agreement, ethnic associations and religious organizations are ready to participate in realization of socially important projects and programs in territories of municipalities.

Signing of the Agreement took place at ul.Kujbysheva 5 (conference room on the first floor) at 12 :00 on July 18th.

Our commentary

Great! Hope the same will happen in all other areas of Russia!

The only pity is that the author forgot to mention that interregional seminar was planned and conducted by Center for Interethnic Cooperation with the resources from Fund of Global Opportunities of Ministry of foreign affairs of Britain. Not long ago seminar for representatives from South Russia in Krasnodarsk was also a success. The following seminars are planned to be conducted in Samara in September and in Krasnoyarsk in November for staff of authorities, police and leaders of the ethnic organizations of Privolzhsk and the Siberian Federal districts.

Source: Official Website of State Administration of Republic Karelija

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