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Vietnamese student killed - Friends held meeting at the scene of crime

In St. Petersburg another foreign student was murdered. This time a group of young people murdered a 20 year old student from Vietnam. His friends held a meeting at the scene of crime the entire night and protested to ensure the security of foreigners. The local authorities promised to do so.

In St. Petersburg this additional murder committed by skinheads is regarded as a scandal. As we were informed by the cityпїЅs Central Administration Board of Internal Affairs, the body of the murdered 20 year old student from Vietnam was found by passers-by near the studentsпїЅ hostel of the 1st medical institute (пїЅ) on Wednesday about 11 p.m. According to specialists in crime detection, he died of numerous stab wounds.

The police could elucidate that the student came home from a birthday party of a student of the Pavlov Medical University. According to the Agency of journalist investigation, on his way to the metro the foreigner was attacked by a group of young people; as witnesses stated, they were about 16 to 18 persons, fully dressed in dark clothes. The student tried to run away, but the assaulters caught him and stabbed him with a knife five times. Afterwards, they escaped.

As announced by the St. Petersburg Central Administration Board of Internal Affairs, six persons (according to another source, 15) were arrested; at present the investigators verify their possible connection to the murder. As declared by Alexander Zhukov, deputy public prosecutor of St. Petersburg, extremist groups might be connected to the murder, but he emphasized that there might be other motives for the murder as well. Several versions of the case are being investigated, from robbery to racially motivated murder: the mobile phone and the camera of the murdered student were not found, announced the Central Administration Board of Internal Affairs.

The friends of the murdered student Vu Anh Tuan, however, are convinced that he became the victim of skinheads.

In the evening, about 100 foreign students of the medical institute, as well as friends and fellow students of the murdered Vietnamese man, gathered at Leo Tolstoi Street. They stayed until the morning carrying posters, with slogans such as, пїЅWe came here to study and leave in leave in coffins!пїЅ, пїЅWe just want to study, why are we killed?пїЅ and пїЅDown with the skinheads!пїЅ The participants of the meeting did not block the traffic on Leo Tolstoi Street.

St. Petersburg officials promised to protect foreign students. The cityпїЅs Vice Governor Oleg Virolainen declared to the students at the meeting that within the following days the guarding of campuses, studentsпїЅ hostels and institutes will be intensified. He appealed to the students at the meeting to take measures of security themselves, too, and assured that the murderers will be caught. In addition, Virolainen promised to consider all complaints and proposals the students had made. пїЅWithin the next two weeks the administration of St. Petersburg will work out additional measures to maintain your security. Until then, you have to address to the DeanпїЅs office with your proposals; we will view them and take measuresпїЅ, emphasized the Vice Governor.

The cityпїЅs deputy public prosecutor Alexander Zhukov announced that the murder of the compatriot пїЅbecame a purpose to express their claims to the police and the rectorsпїЅ, as announces the agency пїЅInterfaxпїЅ. пїЅBasically they express concerns about the lack in elementary life conditions, especially electricity. There was no streetlight at the place where the student was killed. In addition, in their opinion, the policemen do not always react to their complaints as they are obliged toпїЅ, said Zhukov.

Attacks on foreign students who study at Russian universities, occur more and more often. Among the most unfortunate cities in this respect Voronezh has to be named, where one of such attacks ended with the murder of Amaru Lima from Guinea-Bissau. On September 30th the oblast court sentenced three inhabitants of Voronezh to 36 years (in total) incarceration for racially motivated murder. The local law-enforcement agencies decided that a severe sentence would suppress racial conflicts in Voronezh. However, attacks on foreigners continue.

Manifestations of racial hostility are also not rare in St. Petersburg. St. Petersburg is regarded as the skinhead capital with reason: Several extremist groups operate in the city. The most noted of the ethnically motivated crimes, which were committed in St. Petersburg, is the murder of a 9 year old girl from Tadzhikistan. In February on Boitsov pereulok young people attacked the 35 year old merchant Yusuf Sultanov, his 9 year old daughter Khursheda and the 11 year old nephew Alabir who were on their way home from an evening walk. The man and the boy suffered several injuries, while the girl died on the spot due to 11 stab wounds. Seven people were arrested. The police regard the case as solved.

Source: GazetпїЅ.ru

пїЅ 1993-2003

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