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Nationalist March in Saint Petersburg Cancelled

The governor of Saint Petersburg, Valentina Matvienko, has declared that the nationalist march planned for 4 November will not be permitted to take place.

In response to a request from the right-wing group the Movement against Illegal Immigration to carry out a march in the north of the city, Valentine Matvienko stated: "I believe such a march has no place in our city. It is designed to provoke interethnic tensions.'

The governor's decision comes after a violent confrontation on 17 September between opposing groups protesting in St Petersburg left several people in hospital and resulted in dozens of arrests. The city authorities are clearly weary of the possibility of further violence on 4 November.

However, despite being refused permission, the Movement against Illegal Immigration has vowed that it will go ahead with the march: "Whatever happens this protest will take place. Neither the Kremlin, nor any other organizations or authorities can prevent this march from happening,' the movement claims on its website.

Source: yoki.ru

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