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Film �Brother II� Contributes to an Increase in Xenophobia

The film �Brother II� drew the unexpected attention of Russian school kids. As Larisa Ruban, professor and doctor of social sciences said at a Moscow press conference, after seeing this film, students surveyed answered that such patriotism intends �to kill the bad� or those who are against Russians.

�It so happened that we carried out surveys (in the framework of a study for the creation of a registration grant �How to resolve conflicts and build tolerance� note �NR) and there were alliterations to the film �Brother II�. Two to ten percent of the students who answered the question what native land meant to them responded with lines from the poem which appeared in the film: �An enormous country, a blade of grass, and forests, each flower in the fields, the sun, the blue sky- all of this- my native land, this is my native land, all of which I love� Everything seems evident, but after this children answered that for them patriotism meant to destroy the bad, or those who are against Russia. Part of the group answered that patriotism means to go to war� Larisa Ruban reported.

Source: Novy Region-Moskva

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