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Russian employers were fined with 2 billion rubles for illegal usage of foreign work force

A fine of more than 2 billion rubles was given to Russian employers this year for the illegal usage of foreign work force. This information was relayed to a journalist by the director of the Federal Migration Service (FMS), Konstantin Romodanovsky.

According to him, the penalties with respect to the most severe disturbers amounted to 55-56 million rubles. He underlined, that these fines composed almost 70 percent of the sum that the FMS introduced into the budget.

According to statistics from the last six months, employers� disturbances of migration legislation were twice as many compared to last year.

Speaking about the situation in the migration sphere, Romodanovsky noticed that the numbers of illegal labor migrants continue to be reduced. Currently, according to evaluation by experts, a maximum of two million guests work illegally in Russia. �If earlier 50-60% of foreign workers having arrived in Russia simple dissolved, then now this figure would be around 10-20%�, Romodanovsky told. As an example he brought up the situation in Moscow markets. In his words, at the start of the year one could find tens of illegal workers, and at the last count, literally one.

Romodanovksy links all these improvements to changes in migration legislation, which were made at the start of the year. �Now the number of working migrants who are legally working in our country is four times greater. If last year 450 thousand people were given permission to work, then that number is now 1 650 000,� underlined the director of the FMS.

He also stated that for the first half of this year, one-third fewer illegal migrants were driven out of Russia than last year. Fifty percent fewer migrants were bought before the administrative authorities for disturbing migratory legislation.

Source: Radio company �Mayak�

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