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Monument in memory of European Jews opened in Berlin

BERLIN May 10th (Itar-Tass) - A monument in memory of European Jews, annihilated by Hitler�s fascism, opened today in the center of Berlin at the Brandenburg Gate. In a solemn ceremony, the president of Germany, Horst Keler, the Federal Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder, numerous guests from abroad, and survivors of the horror of the Holocaust took part.

On May 8th, Germany celebrated the 60th anniversary of the emancipation from fascism and today, in the heart of the city, where the crime was conceptualized and planned, a memorial monument was opened, stated the chairman of the Bundestag, Wolfgang Tirse before the people gathered. As he stated, the monument is meant to remind of the shocking crimes of the Nazis, who attempted to annihilate a whole nation. The opening of the memorial at this time does not draw the history of the Nazis to a close, underscored Wolfgang Tirse.

When the concentration camps were liberated in spring 1945, it seemed like anti-Semitism had come to an end. That turned out to be a mistake, noted the president of the Central Council of the Jews in Germany, Paul Spiegel. He underlined that anti-Semitism still is alive today, and that there is a need to fight it. In Paul Spiegel�s opinion, the memorial for the victims of the Holocaust is an � important and essential signal�, still he says nothing about the guilty, and doesn�t reply to the question of why they were carried out.

Source: Itar-Tass

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