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Issues of Harmonizing Interethnic Relations Resolved in Beloyarsk

Beloyarsk, Khanty-Mansiysky autonomous region. An event on encouraging patriotism and internethnicism in youth will be held in Beloyarsk.

Participants of the round table �Harmonizing Interethnic and Inter-faith relations in the territory of Beloyarsk region and in the country as a whole�, led by the Division of Internal Affairs of Beloyarsk, worked to reach this conclusion..

Representatives of the division�s police department, as well as the director of the Saint Serafim Sarovsky Orthodox temple priest Leonid, Al-Jadz Arslan Alimuradov, a representative of the Muslim religious organization �Mahallia� and representatives of public organizations took part in discussing this theme.

The head of the Division of Internal Affairs for Beloyarsk region, Sergey Kudashkin, noted that representatives of many nationalities live in the territory, and inciting interethnic discord is impermissible. This being said, Beloyarsk is considered a successful area in relation to this, although a few signs of ethnic intolerance occur. Round table participants turned to residents of the region, where, they proposed, it is most feasible to effectively limit interethnic aggression.

Source: State Information Agency of Tyumen Oblast

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