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The Governor of Primoriye Discussed Tolerance Issues with the Mufti of the Asian Part of Russia

Sergey Darkin, the governor of Primoriye, met with the High Mufti of the Spiritual Institution of the Asian part of Russia Nafigulla Ashirov.

During the meeting, the two discussed questions of cooperation in different oblasts. It was noted that Primoriye krai previously was a peaceful territory, good-neighbourly coexistence of representatives of different peoples independent of religion.

The Assembly of the People of Primoriye operated for four years under the administration of the krai, its main task being to unite national-cultural associations and develop an intercultural dialogue.

Governor Sergey Darkin emphasized: �We are interested in supporting an atmosphere of friendship, tolerance and respect to the customs of people who live in the territory of the krai. It is very important that people, independent of religion and ethnicity, come together to discuss matters which are worrying to everybody.�

Note that approximately ten percent of the population of the krai represents ethnic minorities. Forty public organizations cover fifteen ethnicities.

Recently, a significant growth in the number of religious organizations has been noted in Primoriye krai. At present, 295 are registered, representing 22 religions. The average number of believers is approximately 200 000.

Source: Rosbalt.ru

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