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In Voronezh in the office of the Prosecutor a round table on �Extremism and Manifestation of Nationalism� was held

�Extremism and Nationalistic Manifestations� was the topic of discussion at the round table in the office of the regional prosecutor. �Rossiya Voronezh� reports that representatives of law-enforcing organs, civil rights organizations and heads of ethnic associations participated in the work of the round table.

In the region, 93 crimes have been committed against foreign citizens during the last year. As a result of the murder of an African student, Voronezh became infamous worldwide as the capital of Russian racism. Such a situation is dangerous for the region not only ethically but also financially.

Anatoliy Sherman, the chairman of the Jewish association in the Voronezh Region states, �No investor with common sense will invest in a region where ethnic tensions exist. If the investor knows that ethnic problems are not resolved, that means the authorities are ineffective and weak and are incapable of coping with their problems, including ethnic problems, and then it does not make sense for him to invest in that region.�

All participants of the round table were unanimous in that the problem of nationalism in the region is very acute. According to the leaders of the associations, it is true that the main worry for ethnic minorities is not skinheads, but people in police uniforms who act in a biased manner towards representatives of other ethnicities.

Arsen Palazyan, the chairman of the �Committee on ethnic politics� in the local parliament of the Voronezh Region, states, �These searches all begin right here. People here have kids in kindergartens and schools. People came here for a slice of bread. No common worker here needs terrorism or extremist escapades, since it directly affects ethnic minorities and our Diasporas.�

Pavel Korablev, the head federal inspector in the Voronezh Region states, �We need a stricter approach to fulfilling the requirements of federal laws and to approaching the leaders. Because if we don�t understand this, it will destroy everything our fathers and grandfathers created.�

As a result, all participants of the round table agreed that power methods will not resolve this problem. We must try to bring up the younger generation in the spirit of internationalism. After all, the strength of Russia has always been its multiethnic background.

Source: : www.jewish.ru

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