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Lessons of Holocaust History Taught in the Schools of Petrozavodsk (Karelia)

The Karelian branch of "Youth Human Rights Defense Groups" has begun the realization of its project "Lessons of the Holocaust - A Way to Tolerance and Civil Activism", which has received financial support from the administration of Petrozavodsk. As IA REGNUM was informed by the management of the public association, the project is designed for senior pupils of the Karelian capital and includes lessons on Holocaust history and a city-wide display of the annual international competition of works on Holocaust history supported by the Moscow "Holocaust" Fund.

Through material on Holocaust history, activists of the group will illustrate to the youth of Petrozavodsk the urgency of ideas such as tolerance, human rights and civil activism. In the opinion of the project leader Alexander Simukova, who is also a student at the Petrozavodsk State University, �a true citizen can not protest against extreme nationalism in their kitchen homes, and should instead go to the people." Lessons from the Holocaust is a way to civil activism, without which, there can be no civil society!" declared the student.

The group�s project has received support from the municipal budget in the sum of 10 thousand rubles within the framework of the city�s social program "Petraozavodsk Youth Politics".


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