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British Muslims clean their ranks of extremists themselves

The Muslim Council of Britain intends to seriously deal with Islamic extremism that has put down roots in foggy Albion. As found in an issue of the �The Independent� today, the Council has started a full-scale check of the activities of mosques, women�s organizations and Islamic youth centers in order to help the British authorities to uncover the terrorist menace.

According to the words of the secretary general Sir Iqbal Sakranie, the Muslim Council of Britain is the most influential Muslim structure in the country. More than 400 branch offices of the organization will track manifestations of Islamic extremism in the various regions of the UK. The results of this monitoring will be presented on a national conference in September 2006.

As �The Independent� remarks, this initiative of the Muslim Council of Britain was a peculiar answer to criticism and accusations of non-interference in extremist policy.

Moreover, not long ago the first meeting of the coalition of Muslim organizations in Britain took place. Its aim was �not to tolerate a mass violation of human rights under the guise of the fight against terrorism�. Members of this coalition include, for example, the Muslim Association of Britain, the Muslim Council of Britain, the British human rights organization �Liberty� and also representatives of the London city administration. The agitation caused by the toughening of the British legislation in order to simplify the fight against terrorism and religious extremism pushed Muslims to unite. At the same time they declared that the members of the coalition are most discontent with London�s plans to exile extremist preachers to the Arabic countries from which they came, which strive for their delivery.


Source: Komsomol'skaya Pravda

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