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Moscow Skinheads Beat a Man from Yakutia to Death

Saturday in South-west Moscow several teenagers were arrested and questioned about a possible connection to a series of attacks on passers-by and to murder. There are thirty youths between the ages of 13 and 16 currently under suspicion. Inspectors have still yet to establish who exactly beat to death the 46-year-old Muscovite, Sergey Nikolaev, and seriously wounded two more. Eyewitnesses say that the attackers were dressed in typical skinhead attire- black jackets and heavy boots wielding baseball bats and knives. The Municipal Department of Internal Affairs have declaired that the arrested were football fans.

According to the deputy chief of Information Management of the Capital Municipal Department of Internal Affairs, Evgenie Gildeev, on the same evening of the attacks several riled-up teenagers were detained in different places of South-west Moscow. The first attack took place around five o�clock in the afternoon in the area of House #37 on Architect Vlasova Street, opposite Vorontsovskii Park. Dressed in all black, the thugs beat to death 46-year-old Sergey Nikolaev, a native of Yakutia living in Moscow. The gang�s next victim was Galidzhan Guljashov, a 37-year-old, Uzbekistani caretaker whom they attacked near House #45 on Nametkina Street. He has been hospitalized with several knife wounds and is listed in grave condition. Shortly thereafter, at House #37 on the same street the teenagers attacked another person whose identity has yet to be confirmed- reports Independent Newspaper.

The Office of the Public Prosecutor of Moscow has opened a criminal case in connection to the attacks though Article 111 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (physical assault which has resulted in death). However, it is possible that the charge will be changed to that of Article 105- murder.

The police admit, albeit reluctantly, that nationalism may have been the underlying reason for the attacks and that they are currently investigating such a possibility. �It is possible that the teenagers assaulted the man simply because he didn�t look Slavic,� the police have surmised.

At the same time the employees of the law enforcement bodies are in no hurry to confirm the version of events that may result inconvenient for them. �The assailants were not skinheads but football fans, which are two different things,� the police explained, �The victims were simply in the wrong place at the wrong time.�

They are also considering the possibility that after a football match the teenagers decided to celebrate the victory of their favourite team: by drinking and becoming rowdy. �It is quite possible that the man made a few remarks to the crowd of teenagers that they did not put up with,� several policemen have hypothesized. However, it is difficult for this correspondent to believe that a lone Uzbek would make any �remarks� to a crowd of brawling football fans.

A source in an investigatory group has confirmed that those behind all the attacks were fans on their way back from a match wearing red and white- the colours of the football team Spartak Moscow. A representative of the investigation has added that a flare, used by the football fans, was found in the same place as the murder.

According to the investigation, among the attackers there are also victims. For instance, a 10th class student, who is also a Spartak fan, was taken to hospital from House #28 on Obruchyeva Street at six o�clock in the evening. The young man only received a wound to the forearm and some scratches from a brush-end.

Police employees searched the boy�s clothes at the hospital and found a blade that had been hidden in his jacket. Witnesses have confirmed that the hospitalized schoolboy was among the attackers.

Since the beginning of the year, 436 people have been attacked- 48 of them killed- because of national intolerance, according to experts at the �Owl Centre�. This year�s racist attacks are most concentrated in 38 Russian regions, among which Moscow, the Moscow suburbs, and Saint Petersburg have the highest number of attacks.

The director of the Moscow Bureau of Human Rights, Alexander Brod agrees with the �Owl Centre�. �Xenophobic attitudes among football fans are constantly observed,� says a legal expert, �One doesn�t even need to go to football matches to know about the racist chants that go on there.� This has been reported by NEWSru.com

Source: Just Media

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