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Do you respect me?
Guests of Russia will soon be selected by the principle of loyalty

Yesterday the State Duma Committee for Legislation and State Organization recommended passing the bill on State Duma elections only by party lists, which was introduced by the president, on its first reading. The Deputies also supported a law, which bans foreigner from entering the country, �who attitude towards us disrespectfully�.

Many regulations concerning State Duma elections by party lists only evoked bewilderment among the Deputies. (�)

The Committee also recommended to pass a law about Visa for foreign citizens by the principle of mutuality. That means, citizens of states, which give visa to Russians for three or five years, will be given visa for three or five years, too. And if the state takes fingerprints from Russians when entering the country, then Russia will take fingerprints from these citizens, too. Further the bill foresees to refuse entry to Russia for those foreigners, who show �a clearly unfriendly or non-respectful attitude towards Russia�. �If the one or another person demonstratively supports scum that commits crimes and is involved in terrorist acts on the territory of Russia, then letting him enter Russia would mean to be disrespectful towards yourself�, declared Vladimir Pligin, Committee Chairman and author of the bill.

Our comment

We would like to know, who will decide if a foreigner behaves disrespectfully enough to refuse him a visa. And one more question: is it disrespectful towards Russia to criticize the Russian government?

Source: Newspaper "Novye Izvestiya"

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