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In St. Petersburg, Police Prevented Fascists from Desecrating a Cemetery

In St. Petersburg, 15 members of an extremist fascist group were arrested for preparing an attack on a cemetery. Four members of the group were arrested at the beginning of April after policemen received information regarding plans for an attack on Easter night. The extremists were planning to destroy tombs and draw fascist symbols on the tombstones.

On the night of the 13th of April, a similar vandalism attempt on the Smolensky cemetery was prevented in St. Petersburg. As a result, 6 youths were arrested for attempting to commit the crime.

At the same time, another 5 members of the same group were arrested close to the metro station �Primorskaya� for attacking an Uzbek citizen and inflicting bodily injuries.

Police confiscated iron bars, baseball bats, paint cans and nationalist leaflets. Work is now in progress to find other members of the group and to verify whether this group has links to similar crimes that were committed previously.

The police�s press correspondent did not specify whether charges will be pressed and if so, which ones.

Source: Lenta.ru

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