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No need to constantly refer to authority in the fight against extremism- Ryavkin

Ryavkin made this statement answering the question, whether he considers the efforts of authority in the struggle against fascism as sufficient. We should remember that the earlier leader of the Union of the Right Forces, Nikita Belykh, has expressed the opinion that the government replaces antifascist activity by PR. Alexander Ryavkin considers such a position demagogical. �The government, emphasized the leader of �Free Russia�, strongly counteracts national extremism: legislative measures are developed, the work of law enforcement bodies becomes more active and public agreements are offered�.

Alexander Ryavkin also mentioned that �Free Russia� and the Union of the Right Forces have earlier signed the Antifascist Pact, which was initiated by �United Russia� (governing party), and that a similar agreement has recently been signed by the leading Russian mass-media, including the state media.

�The result of these actions�, Ryavkin is convinced, �depends first of all on the ready- and willingness of the political parties to join this struggle, to conduct offensive antifascist propagation and not making any concessions. Also it is not necessary to look to the government for guidance every five minutes�.

�We ourselves�, declared the leader of �Free Russia�, �have to create a political vacuum around the preachers of fascism. We need to express this position by all means accessible to us: pickets and meetings, through press and through other institutes of a civil society; to demand real actions from authority. Otherwise, if one wants to argue like Nikita Ryavkin, changes within the society will never occur, all that will be left will be words�.

Source: AMI �UralPolit.ru �

� 1993-2003

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