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Colored Football Player to leave Russia due to Racism

The explosion in the �Eurasia� market in the Cherkizovskaya area of Moscow occurred at 10:35 in the morning, according to given information. The capacity of the bomb was composed of 1- 1.2kg of a TNT equivalent, and according to some information only 200-500 grams, so the question was about the homemade device and its primitive mechanism of activation. However, as a result of this explosion one of two gas containers located nearby was detonated, leading to the collapse of 200 square meters of roof (the second container fortunately remained in tact). However the market is so vast that in many other parts customers were unaware of what had happened.

The blast resulted in the death of eight people even before the arrival of the emergency services, two more died in hospital. Among the victims was one child. 55 people were injured, of those injured 35 have been hospitalized, with six in critical condition and 9 more in a serious condition. The Moscow government has already promised to pay 50 thousand rubles to victims and 100 thousand rubles to the families of those killed in the blast. However, this money will only be made available to those registered in Moscow.

At the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs in Moscow the usual reaction was immediately evident; they maintained that nothing serious had occurred, that this was merely a question of an everyday gas explosion. Later it became clear that this gas explosion was in fact the result of the bomb�s detonation. As the day progressed representatives of the police and the Public Prosecutors office made some contradictory statements, firstly concerning possible versions of events, the number of suspects that were detained also varied. In the end it came out that a few witnesses were interrogated and left accompanied by police guard, however no charges have been brought against them as of yet.

The public prosecutor of Moscow has refused to give the suspect�s names as of yet. However he has declared that there is �very serious proof� of their participation in the crime. Market security guards witnessed some young people of �Slavic� appearance (2-4 people according to different reports) leaving a bag, later known to have contained the bomb, near the Vietnamese caf? �Atlantida� which is located at the corner of the Vietnamese and Chinese sectors of the market. There was an attempt to detain the young people, however it was at this moment that explosion happened. It is still unknown how the police managed to find these people and whether it is in fact them. The accused deny any responsibility, maintaining that they merely happened to be at that particular place by coincidence.

For now, the Prosecutor�s office recognizes two motives; economic and terrorist. During the day the public prosecutor Semin was unwilling to believe that this was a terrorist attack �We have as of yet identified no motives which would allow us to speak of Monday�s incident at Izmaiylov as being entirely an act of terrorism�. He stated that it was more a question of �either a conflict between large commercial interests, or a regular settling of a score between criminals�. This is in any case the more probable version of events. Cherkizovskaya market corresponds exactly to the stereotype of a typical Russian market, it is owned by Caucasians and it is not clear whose territory is under construction or periodically affected by warehouse fires. Unfortunately, in this country such conflicts of �commercial interests� within this domain of business are frequently manifested in arson attacks and other acts to destabilize similar places. We should recall last year�s tragedy in the �Ukhty� shopping centre (in the republic of Komi) where the blaze instantly claimed the lives of 25 people. It is true that this kind of occurrence is rare, and in so far as the public authorities consider the maintenance of stability as their own particular achievement, they strongly disapprove when criminals drag their disputes into the realm of the general public.

Nevertheless, there remains the possibility that this was an act of terrorism, but one that was very different from others. On Monday evening RIA News, referring to sources from the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs stated that the attack had already been classified as a crime committed for reasons of nationalist hostility. From the very start the version of events considering the attack as a fascist action was very probable. Overall, in the opinion of many Russians, markets are centers for foreigners who are, as is well known, �unable to live like Russians� and who are also more volatile than Russians. In passing it can be mentioned that the Public Prosecutor has hurried to specify in quite an offensive manner that there were no Muscovites amongst the victims. Nazi-supporters may this time be responsible for this non-professional explosion - terrorists with experience would have been more thorough (the market would not exist anymore), and for gangsters the area would have actually been far too big.

If, God forbid, this version proves to be true, then the overall situation is really bad: extremists who dared not act before may be activated during the elections. It would also not be desirable to find out that even in Moscow fascists are capable of such impudent and successful actions. It would even be less desirable however, that they are using their undercover status for political re-organization and the reinforcement of their power.

Source: www.globalrus.com

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