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EU says Ukraine should review results of presidential poll

PARIS, November 22 (Itar-Tass) - The European Union said Ukraine should review the results of presidential elections.

According to the European Union, Ukraine�s presidential elections did not meet international standards.

Dutch Foreign Minister Bernard Bot said each EU member-state would summon the Ukrainian ambassador to express concern about the outcome, which appears to have given victory to pro-Russian Prime Minister Viktor Yanukovich over pro-Western liberal opposition leader Viktor Yushchenko.

�All EU member states are going to invite the Ukrainian ambassadors to convey our feelings that in our view the second round does not comply with international standards,� Bot said.

�We are very concerned about the news we have had about the outcome,� he told a news conference after EU foreign ministers discussed the situation in the bloc's new eastern neighbour. The Netherlands holds the EU's rotating presidency.

Yushchenko called on his supporters to demonstrate across the country against what he called mass electoral fraud as the official tally showed Yanukovich with an almost unassailable three percentage point lead.

�We have also decided that the EU presidency, together with the Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe, will discuss further steps with the Ukrainian authorities because we call on them to review, together with the OSCE, the electoral process and its results,� Bot said.

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