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In Astrakhan unknown arsonists attempt to burn a synagogue

In Astrakhan last night unknown persons tried to burn to a synagogue, the public prosecutor of the Kirov area of city Sergey Knizhnikov informed. �At about one o'clock in the morning the parishioner on duty in the synagogue heard the sound of the broken glass. When he has left the building he saw that the entrance door was on fire. The man put out the fire himself. The Public Prosecutor stated that �In all probability a bottle with an incendiary mix was thrown at the door of the synagogue�.

The perpetrator of the crime was not arrested. A criminal case of "deliberate destruction of another's property� has been opened. (Criminal Code of Russian Federation)

This is the second such case in the last 24 hours. Another synagogue in Khabarovsk was attacked by hooligans. There four unidentified persons broke glass and the glass door of the building. A search for them is being conducted. This is according to information from ITAR-TASS.

Source: "IZVESTIA"

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