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Moscow Authorities Oppose Nationalist March

The prefecture of the Central district of Moscow has not given permission for the Movement against illegal immigration to carry out a planned mass procession through the center of the Russian capital on the 4th November. Last year, more than three thousand representatives of nationalist organizations took part in the �Russian march�, this year more than seven thousand people had planned to take part. Nevertheless, the situation may change by the 4th November- it is not only the Moscow authorities that are able to arrange the route of a procession or the amount of participants.

On the 4th November, National Unity Day, nationalists had planned to carry out a march from Prospekt Academic Saharov via Mjasnitskaya Ulitsa to Lubyanka Ploschad. The Authorities have refused to authorize the march, citing continuing construction work on Mjasnitskaya Ulitsa and the large number of predicted participants over seven thousand people- as justification. It may be that the march will still take place, if organizers are willing to change the route and reduce the amount of participants in the application. One of its organizers, the deputy of the State Duma Dmitry Rogozin, plans to invite the mayor of Moscow Yuri Luzhkov and the head of presidential administration Sergei Sobyanin to join the nationalist march:

- We hope that during this action a certain support for a new presidential course, which now at last is starting to be spoken about, which Russian patriots have spoken about for a long time - about the struggle against illegal migration and about the need to establish a system to deal with ethnic criminality.

- What organizations are going to take part in a march?

- More than twenty, and as a whole they are organizations which have existed for a long time in "patriotic camps."

- Legal experts call this march fascist. A similar march took place last year on the 4th November...

I consider the word "fascism" to be such a monstrous word that it should not be used towards anybody, especially given that we lost almost 30 million people in that terrible war. There will be no fascists or nazis there at the march. I think it would be better for the anti-fascists to join our march than to organize there own.

This will be the second � Russian march � which nationalists plan to stage in the Russian capital. After the last year's events, when about three thousand people marched through the center of Moscow carrying Nazi symbols, Russian legal experts and anti-fascists have decided to hold their own meeting, but the Moscow authorities have forbidden it. Independent journalist Alexander Golts speaks:

- How can any normal person who considers himself a patriot, sympathise with extreme nationalists. Fascists will evidently carry out a march in the city which they defended from their ideological colleagues more than 65 years ago. Clearly I disapprove .

- Why do you think such actions, i.e. nationalist marches, are quite acceptable in modern Russia?

- There is a part of the population which is devoted to nationalist ideology or nationalist prejudices. The policy of the Russian authorities lends itself to xenophobia. After all, on our television screens there is no lack of people who claim that Russia is in a ring of enemies, these enemies get closer and closer. Today Georgia scoffs at our advice regarding NATO and Washington and so on, and so on. This brain washing goes on constantly. The inhabitant pays turns its hatred towards any of those people, whose skin, color of hair or size of eyes set them apart.

- Last year after a nationalist march, an anti-fascist march took place. You took part in that march. The Moscow authorities forbade that march, and you and your comrades were taken away by the militia.

- I think that after the fascist march, the Russian Authorities and the Moscow authorities felt extremely awkward. They removed a party, Rodina "Native land" , from the election roll citing xenophobia. Furthermore our president spoke of the risks of playing on national sentiments as a way to disorder in Russia. Yet, when some people who have decided independently to gather and say NO to fascism in Moscow, it inadvertently suggested that to permit such a march was an error. It was for this reason, I think, that the march was dispelled.

- How will you react this year to the march?

- Well, the organizing committee for an antifascist march on the 4th November is already at work.

Source: Svoboda.ru

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