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Scientists who Fight for the Rights of Ethnic Minorities Recognized as Guilty of Kindling Ethnic Hatred

The Turkish court of appeals abolished the sentence of two scientists who, in a report, called for the Turkish authorities to grant more rights to ethnic minorities, including Kurds, living in Turkey.

What motivated his decision, the appeals court judge said, was that the report by professors Baskin Oran and Ibrahim Kabolga �recognized the threat to the state�. �Acknowledging new national minorities in Turkey puts the state�s �unity� and �indivisibility of the nation� under threat, as was reported in the resultion of the court of appeals.

Ankara officially recognizes only Greek, Armenian and Jewish communities as religious minorities in accordance with the Lozansky agreement of 1923. At the same time the court calculated the compatibility of national identification and Turkish citizenship. The court carried out accusatory sentences and recognized the professors as �kindling racial hatred�. Later the judge excused Baskin Oran and Ibrahim Kobolga. They were both members of an advisory board on human rights, an establishment with the office to the prime minister.

Source: Jewish News Agency

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