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In Louisiana 20 000 Afro-Americans Protest Racism

In Louisiana several thousand afro-Americans led an anti-racism march protesting the double standards that judicial representatives use with respect to white and black citizens.

As told by Lenta.ru, six black schoolmates who assaulted a white schoolmate met at judicial trial proceedings. At the commencement, the schoolmates were accused with attempted murder, but charges were later replaced with assault.

This incident took place December, 2006 in the small town of Jena. It was preceded by other case: white teenagers, having fought with a black schoolmate, hung up three rope nooses on a tree near the school; an old racist symbol used in the slaveholding south. The school�s management has not taken any measures despite the verdict. Those holding the protest consider that justice is hypocritical and uses double standards in relation to white and black citizens.

More than 20 thousand participants took part in the protest action.

Source: : www.e-news.com.ua

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