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�Rosbalt� Presents �Face of Russia� Project in Archangelsk

On Friday at an Archangelsk exhibition, information agency �Rosbalt� presents �The Face of Russia� tells a correspondent from the information agency �Rosbalt-Sever�.

This event occurs in the framework of a celebration of the seventieth anniversary of the Archangelsk region. The agency is simultaneously carrying out a round-table discussion on the theme of �Living Together, Remaining Different�, dedicated to the question of interethnic relations, dialogue between ethnic diasporas and the development of tolerance in the region.

It is expected that Artur Chilingarov, vice-speaker of the State Duma, State Duma deputy Vladimir Krupchak, deputy of the head administration of the Archangelsk region Mikhail Sitkin, representatives from ethnic diasporas from the region and journalists will appear at the round table.

The project �Face of Russia� is a story about the main riches of the country: the culture of its peoples, the unique Russian civilization, most important special feature is the care of national traditions, and ability to live together, remaining different.

The project �Faces of Russia� is being brought about by the information agency �Rosbalt� together with the Museum of Anthropology and Ethnography of Peter the Great of Russia, the Academy of Sciences, Kunstkamera and by production center �Petersburg � 21st century�. The project obtained the approval and support of the secretariat of UNESCO and bureau of UNESCO, the Federation Council of the Russian Federation, the administration of Saint Petersburg and the government of Moscow.

The project brings together a series of documentary films, internet resources, and diverse educational programs.

Source: Information Agency �Rosbalt-Sever�

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