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On the People�s Union List are Pogromshchiks, Neo-Nazis and the Like

On September 20, 2007, a pre-election congress took place in Moscow for the People�s Union (Narodniy Soyuz) party at which Sergey Baburin�s status on the party�s pre-election list o party was authorized. Together with Baburin, Victor Alksnis and director of TV channel "Save" (Spas), Alexander Batanov made up the top three.

Unfortunately, today the full list has not yet been published, however in the radical right internet sphere, messages on some candidates who will stand for the State Duma together with Baburin have already appeared.

The most recognized among these candidates are ex-party member of the Liberal-Democratic Party of Russia (LDPR) Nikolai Kurjanovich and leader of the Russian National Union (RONS) Igor Artemov.

Kurjanovich led the list for Irkutsk. Now Kurjanovich is a member of the Central Council of the neo-Nazi Slavic Union and simultaneously, the fundamentalist Union of Orthodox Banner Bearers.

Igor Artemov, who has headed the list on the Vladimir area, became widely known after rabble-rousing homophobic actions in the spring of 2006, which were organized and coordinated namely by his organization. One should note that in December of 2006, Artemov failed to register his organization as a political party in the European Court of Human Rights, as the court decided that the ethno-nationalist character of the organization was a danger to society.

Across Stavropol territory, the leader regional of RONS Alexander Chernovolov is on the list. He was one of the organizers of a June anti-Caucasian meeting in the city which almost ended with mass pogroms. In June, 2007 Article 282 of the Criminal Code was brought against him.

On National Union�s list are ultra-right youth as well as veteran ethno-nationalists.

Included in the veterans, besides Artemov, the leader of the Christian Revival union, Vladimir Ocipov, should also be noted. Included as well are the leader of the Kursk Union of the Archangel Mikhail; member of the Union of Russian People (in General Ivashov�s version) Aleksandr Soluyanov and leader of RONS Irkutsk and the second wing of the URP Aleksandr Turik.

On the �youth� side, we note Roman Golovkin, one of the leaders of the ultra-right Russian National-Bolshevik Front; Mikhail Valyayev, right-radical activist noted for participating in at least one violent action, an attack on September 6, picketing against the introduction of United Industrial Corporations in schools.

The aforementioned do not exhaust the list of ultra-right candidates. In the blogs of friendly organizations, lists of �niks�, or those who fall into the People�s Union list, judging by their Live Journal, they practically all adhere to the ultra-right, and now and then frankly neo-Nazi views.

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