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Moscow Round Table on Extremism

The Media should develop mechanisms of self restriction when covering problems of interethnic and inter-religious relations and attitudes. This was the conclusion of a round table attended by representatives of mass media, community leaders and members of the Congress of People's Deputies on the topic �Extremism, Fascism and Xenophobia�. In the words of the chairman of the Congress of People�s Deputies� commission on tolerance and religious freedom, the director of the Institute of Ethnology and Anthropology and a member of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Valerii Tishkov, people who became journalists at the beginning of the 90s in Russia think that it is very important to write independently, therefore opportunities of collective ethics and self-checking and self control " have been lost ".

Circulation numbers are being valued above our country, honour and life, said Tishkov, calling on representatives of the Russian media to agree on basic principles and methods of covering ethnic and religious questions in order to not create a platform for extremists.

Participants of this round table will work with the working group of the Congress of People�s Deputies in developing a program to counteract xenophobia and extremism. This will be discussed at plenary session of chamber 14th April. March, 15 ����-TASS.

Source: www.kommersant.ru

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