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The Council of Europe will carry out a round table about the situation in Chechnya in Moscow in March

At the address of the International Helsinki Federation for Human Rights and the Committee for political questions of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe arrived a letter from the representatives of the subcommittee, which said that it should prepare a round table dedicated to the political situation in the Chechen Republic. The round table shall be headed by the leader of the Swiss delegation to the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe, Andreas Gross.

In this letter, with which Yufo.ru got familiar in the remedial center �Memorial�, it is said, that the round table will take place on March, 21st in 2005 in Moscow and that for participating in its work representatives of NGOs, which are active in Chechnya, will be invited. Furthermore, it is expected that politicians, high representatives of the government and administration, representatives of the mass media and public figures, who represent a wide political spectrum, will participate as well.

Grass confirms, that persons, who refuse to recognize the territorial integrity of the Russian Federation and who declare terrorism as an instrument to achieve their goals, cannot participate in this exchange of opinions.

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