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In the European Court for Human Rights the number of complaints from Russia is rising

Moscow, February 10th - RIA �Novosti�. In the year 2005 the European Court for Human Rights might take out more than 100 decisions on complaints against Russia. The Representative of the Russian Federation to the court, Pavel Lantev, presented this prognosis on a conference in the Academy of the administration of justice.

Following his information the European Court for Human Rights only in January of the current year took out 12 decisions on complaints against Russia, on parts of them the Court stopped without satisfaction.

Laptev mentioned, that a positive dynamic will remain from the complaints from Russia to the European Court. According to his words the European Court dealt with 6600 complaints against Russia in the year 2004.

Laptev also reported that the number of complaints from Russian citizens against Russian municipalities rose. He explained that complaints against municipalities are complaints, with which the European Court directs demands to the government.

Source: RIA Novosti

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