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Alu Alkhanov: Extremism has nothing in common with Islam

Kemerovo, 2nd June � RIA �Novosti�, Elena Popova. Extremism has nothing in common with Islam, says the president of Chechnya, Alu Alkhanov. �Islam is a religion of peace, tolerance and respect for each other�, Alkhanov told journalists after the signature of an agreement about the cooperation between the Chechen Republic and Kuzbass on Thursday. �The multi-ethnic people of this republic want to live in peace�, he stressed.

Earlier at the ceremony of signing the agreement the governor of Kuzbass, Aman Tuleev, handed Alu Alkhanov a medal of the Kemerovskiy Region for �Honor and Courage�, for his substantial contribution to the socio-economic development of the Chechen Republic and for a positive attitude as a citizen regarding the consolidation of peace and tolerance in society.

As the director of the Institute of European Rights Mark Entin says, �in theory the directive has already come into force, but it is worth considering that every EU country has two years to adapt it to local circumstances and include it in the legislation. After January 23rd 2006 every person residing in the EU will, in accordance with EU law, be able to challenge in usual legal form the actions of the authorities which are contradicting the directive. At the same time, concerning the conditions the directive keeps a certain liberty for the countries.


Source: RIA "Novosti"

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