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CIS Leaders Apprehensive of Rerun of Georgian and Ukrainian Scenarios

MOSCOW, January 13 (RIA Novosti) - Regime change by means of political manipulations poses a threat to all CIS nations, particularly Russia, CIS Executive Committee Chairman Vladimir Rushailo believes.

"The techniques aimed at toppling national authorities are fit to be on the list of challenges and threats of the 21st century," he told a news conference in Moscow on Thursday.

Overlooking and failing to react to this threat would be wrong, Rushailo said. He reminded that US political analyst Zbiegniew Brzezinski believed that the situation in Ukraine would in the future influence those in Belarus, Moldova and the Trans-Caucasus nations.

"Does this mean that these countries face the events Kiev has experienced? We are analysing the developments throughout the CIS and are drawing conclusions," Rushailo said.

During the December 26 rerun of the second round of presidential elections in Ukraine, CIS monitors for the first time encountered serious pressure, according to Rushailo.

"We witnessed the facts running counter to the law," he said.

Among other things, CIS monitors recorded meddling in the election commissions' work.

Rushailo said Polish monitors obstructed voting by standing right near ballot boxes.

"Polish monitors behaved glaringly in many Ukrainian regions during the election," Rushailo noted.

Unauthorised persons were present at polling stations, campaigning was underway on the election day, polling station equipment did not meet the electoral standards and there were errors in voter rolls, specifically, deceased persons had been put on the rolls, the CIS Executive Committee chairman said.

"The more errors, the more opportunities for rigging the votes in favour of either presidential candidate," Rushailo stressed.

Source: RIA �Novosti�

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