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Anti-Xenophobia ads have appeared in the Streets of Chelyabinsk

According to the correspondent of the news service �Regnum�, the second stage of competition regarding social advertising among Non-governmental Organizations (NGO) has come to the end in Chelyabinsk. The theme of the civil sector�s work has focused on �Interethnic attitudes and relations: Migration and immigration�. The victory over the given nomination was gained by public organization �Asthma-help� with the support of the advertising agency �Alphabet� and the magazine �City-guide�.

Representatives live in the capital of the Southern Urals Mountains, representing about 120 nationalities. According to experts, in comparison with other regions, problems arising from ethno-religious differences are relatively small. However, the situation remains unstable, and the developed balance can be easily destroyed. Experts assert that xenophobia is frequently stimulated with the publication of offensive materials by representatives of this or that people in the mass media.

To combat this, there can be simple reminders to associates about the unity of people within the multinational country, region and city. Such a sense can be fostered through social advertising, such as that which has appeared in streets of Chelyabinsk since the beginning of June. For instance, one slogan said: �All of us are different. It is good for us to live in one city!�. Up to the end of this month it will be possible to portray such slogans on billboards with in the city.

Competition regarding social advertising among the noncommercial organizations of Chelyabinsk is carried out by the Center of public associations. May 2006 has been devoted to preventive maintenance and treatment of HIV/AIDS and to narcotics-prevention. The following stage of competition is planned to devote to environmental problems: materials of the given subjects will appear in July.

Also, up until the end of 2006, billboards advertising extensions and cards directed towards preventive maintenance of homelessness, formation of the objective attitude of associates to questions of physical inability, the devotion to family and to childhood are planned. Any organization from the civil sector can still take part in the competition.

Source: News Service 'Regnum'

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