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In Kaluga the action �Kaluga without Swastikas� was carried out

KALUGA, November 24th - The Action was conducted by the NGO �Education - Culture - Right �Istok� (Source)� in cooperation with students of the K.E. Tsiolkovsky State Pedagogical University and the Kaluga Agronomic Vocational School. The participants, armed with spray cans, painted over swastikas, skinhead symbols and extremist slogans in the city�s streets.

On November 14th in Kaluga the Mayor and Regional Parliament elections took place. In the course of the electoral campaign slogans like �Kaluga to the Russians!� appeared on the walls of buildings in the city. The activists crossed out the nationalist slogan and wrote above �Kaluga to all people!�. According to Tatyana Ivanova, director of �Istok�, the action was organized in cooperation with the Ryazan School of Human Rights within the framework of the project �Citizen of the world: School of actions against ethnic discrimination, xenophobia and intolerance�. Accept from Ryazan and Kaluga the project is supported by Human Rights Organizations from Barnaul, Petrozavodsk, Rostov on Don and Bryansk.

Source: Social Information Agency

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