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More than 11,000 foreigners were deported out of Russia since the beginning of 2004

MOSCOW, November 25/ ITAR-TASS Vladimir Katasonov. More than 11,000 foreign citizens were deported out of Russia since the beginning of this year. As the Head of the Passport-Visa Department of the Central Administration of Internal Affairs of the Moscow Region Nikolai Skorik reported today to journalists, �all of them have broken the established law for residency in Russia�. �The largest part of this year�s court decisions on expulsion was taken concerning citizens of Tajikistan (3130), Uzbekistan (2765), Ukraine (1656) and Moldavia (1606). According to Skorik, alone out of the Moscow region 149 foreigners were deported this year, including 59 Vietnam citizens, 34 Uzbek and 21 Ukrainians. On their expulsion following a decision of the governor more than 4 millions ruble were spent.

Skorik told that �officially in Moscow Region more than 380,000 foreigners are registered, the majority of them are citizens of the Ukraine, Moldavia and Uzbekistan�. He points out that at the same time, according to estimations of the Central Administration for Internal Affairs, today more than 100,000 illegal immigrants live in Moscow Regions.


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