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All illegal aliens will be asked to leave!

Samara, November 25th, 2004 - The Samara Regional Antiterrorist Commission on its last sitting decided to toughen the practice of control and deportation of non-registered foreign citizens. In other words, all who stay on the territory of the Samara region without registration will be sent beyond the region�s border immediately. The practice is toughened due to the fact that the number of crimes committed by immigrants, has increased by almost ten times recently.

According to member of the commission, this is all done for the security of the citizens. �We are no nationalists! We are patriots!�, declared the Governor of Samara Konstantin Titov. Citizens of the former Soviet republics constantly appear in police reports. Trade with drugs and weapons, robbery and burglary � Many citizens who live in the region illegally set up their business and send the earnings abroad. �In many cases ethnic groups stay in the region without registration. They work in different kinds of business � But all this has to be within the framework of existing legislation!� Viktor Yevtushenko, leader of the Samara FSB Department, thinks that citizens without registration should be deported out of the region�s borders immediately. On the sitting of the Antiterrorist Commission it was an issue that many officers of different ranks and police staff members, referring to humanity, often shut their eyes to illegal stay of non-registered citizens in the cities and districts of the region. The regional government regards this as unacceptable. �It has to be done everything to stop criminality with the involvement of ethnic groups�, declared the participants of the sitting. Now immigrants will be deported out of the region even for bagatelles. While law enforcement agencies in the past out of a lack of money could arrest infringers for a maximum of 15 days only, and then had to release them, now the Antiterrorist Commission decided to consider expenses for the deportation of foreign citizens in the region�s budget, and allocate to it as much money as needed. At the same time there will be negotiations with the Federal Government about recompense of these expenses from the state treasury. The commission members hope that police controls will bring results soon and that foreigners infringing the laws will actually be deported.

Now the regional authorities are planning to meet with leaders of various Diasporas and explain to them that the toughening of measures concerning illegal aliens does not at all mean a growth of nationalism. �Much work in this direction depends on the leaders of ethnic groups�, declared Konstantin Titov, and the special services promised that in the near future there won�t be any mass deportations.

Source: tolerance.ngo.ru

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