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Conference �Youth in Support of the Idea of Tolerance�: November 29th - December 1st

Respected colleagues,

The Center for Interethnic Cooperation and the Ministry on Ethnic Policy Affairs in liaison with religious associations of the Republic of Karelia will hold the interregional information session �On the Way to Perfection: The Culture of Peace and Agreement� from November 29th to December 1st, 2007 in Petrozavodsk. A conference on the theme of �Youth in support of the idea of tolerance� will be held in the framework of the session.

Conference tasks:

  • Discussing the level of tolerance in the youth sphere in Russian regions.
  • Analyzing the causes of the emergence of racism and xenophobia in the youth sphere
  • Strengthening the influence of youth organizations in the youth sphere
  • Discussing the mechanisms of interaction between authorities and youth organizations
  • Exchanging experience in promoting the idea of tolerance in the youth sphere
  • Discussing and evaluating the results of the realization of the project �The utilization of the network of ethnic public associations in opposing xenophobia in Russia�
  • Developing recommendations for authorities and ethnic public associations for promoting the idea of tolerance in the youth sphere

It is planned that the conference will accept forty participants from youth activists from ethnic organizations and representative of the authorities from twenty Russian cities and towns. All expenses for the participation of youth activists from ethnic organizations will be covered by conference organizers.

We would be very grateful if representatives of the authorities could cover the cost of their own transport expenses.

Arrival at the conference: either the evening of November 28th or the morning of November 29th, with departure on December 1st after 3:00 p.m.

We request that applications for participation are sent no later than November 14th.

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