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News Archive 2006

News from the Center Archive
Year 2006

27.12.2006 Irksutsk Story- Part 2 Training for Siberian Youth December 13th -15th of 2006
23.11.2006 Training Session for the youth of Central Russia Yaroslavl the city of true Russian hospitality 25 to 27 October 2006
23.11.2006 Training session in Tolyatti. The pleasure of working with young people. 22nd to 24th October 2006
08.11.2006 Press Conference to be held on November 9th, the All-European Day of Opposition to Racism
02.10.2006 A New Level of Cooperation: First Steps of a Network Against Xenophobia in Russia
17.08.2006 Novosibirsk An impression
27.07.2006 Lessons in German
11.07.2006 City of Successful Tolerance
10.07.2006 A Visit to the Yaroslavl Assembly
06.07.2006 Positive Progress in Yaroslavl
16.06.2006 Irkutsk Tales
26.04.2006 We have received a grant
21.04.2006Jos Birthday
19.04.2006Ethnic violence is becoming widespread in Moscow
11.04.2006 Playing at being patriots?
26.03.2006 Media belatedly raises the alarm.
26.03.2006 We have recieved the letter
26.03.2006 Visit of the Council of Europe
13.03.2006 People of Different Nationalities at Risk.


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