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News Archive 2007

News from the Center Archive
Year 2007

11.12.2007 Youth in Support of the Idea of Tolerance
07.11.2007 The Amber Krai of Russia: Dialogue of Culture, Dialogue of Generations
31.10.2007 Conference Youth in Support of the Idea of Tolerance: November 29th - December 1st
22.10.2007 The Preventative Management of Ethnic Conflicts: Training in Samara
08.10.2007 Participants Opinion On the Training in Kaliningrad
02.10.2007 Moskovsky Komsomolets. Only the Grave Will Fix the Humpback
01.10.2007 Platini Against Racism
26.09.2007 Interethnic - NGO in Special Consultative Status with the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations
25.09.2007 Youth and Tolerance: The Center for Interethnic Cooperation Leads Training for Students of Astrakhan Institutes
18.07.2007 Multilateral Agreement on Support of Peace and Harmony will be Signed in Kondopoga at July 18
16.07.2007 Good People Have to Stick Together. Training Seminar in Pyatigorsk June 25th-26th 2007
25.07.2007 Training in Krasnoyarsk: Youth Initiatives in Opposing Xenophobia, Racism and Extremism May 31- June 1
06.08.2007 The Name of a People: Astrakhaners!
Training session in Astrakhan 21-22.06.07 Youth Initiatives to Counteract Xenophobia, Racism and Extremism

31.05.2007 The Seminar Cooperation of National-Cultural Associations with the Authorities and Law Enforcement Bodies for the Prevention of Extremism
28.05.2007 The Center for Interethnic Cooperation will Conduct a Second Series of Educational Seminars
20.05.2007 Brown Epidemic
18.05.2007 Congratulations!
29.04.2007 Report on seminar and training session in Perm 21-22nd of April 2007
30.03.2007 Interregional Seminar in Petrozavosk
27.03.2007 Two study-trips to Amsterdam. March 2007
27.03.2007 Study-trip to Amsterdam. The second group
27.03.2007 The Center for Interethnic Cooperations educational visit to Amsterdam
23.03.2007 On the 21st of March, the first stages of our educational visit to Amsterdam came to a close
15.03.2007 The results of the educational seminar Cooperation between Ethnic Organizations and the Authorities in Omsk
15.03.2007 Educational Seminar: The Network of Ethnic Associations Opposing Xenophobia in Novosibirsk
15.03.2007 We shall cut a new window to Europe for representatives of ethnic organizations
14.03.2007 Amazing Udmurtia: New Training for Police and Ethnic Minorities
14.03.2007 Training Session in Yekaterinburg: We Built a Monument to Tolerance
08.03.2007 Tolerance: Where to go, who to call - how to act?
25.02.2007 Training Sessions for Ethnic Organizations
22.02.2007 Training Sessions in the Urdmurtia Republic


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