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Thursday 01 June

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Estimated results
Based on the experience of the Network of Ethnic Association of Russia and pan-European network UNITED, a Network of Youth Organisations will be created, networks will be linked and work in cooperation, which will result in establishing of a large and powerful pan-Russian network (connected with civil society organisations from EU) representing different parts of society and having impact on youth. Representatives of youth civil society organisations will receive necessary capacity building training: tools of effective networking, campaigning, youth work, work with media, cooperation, communication and negotiation (o.a. with authorities) will be taught; advantages of long-term planning, use of internet and published materials, networking and partnership will be promoted; young activists will improve their own skills. This will reinforce youth organisations, increase their role in the society and make them attractive for more young people. Participation in the project of both ethnic and students’ organisations will enable mutual understanding and will draw attention of youth organisations to the problems of xenophobia and human rights. After the implementation of the project organisations involved will use gained knowledge and organise activities themselves, working in cooperation and receiving support from the authorities. European experience will be spread among Russian youth, as well as knowledge and know-how of the organisations active within the Network of Ethnic Associations. Local authorities will pay attention to the problems addressed; contacts between them and youth NGO’s will be established; doors for long-term cooperation will be opened. Awareness-raising: society, especially youth, will be informed about the project and problems addressed.