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Thursday 01 June

Главная News Does anti-Semitism exist in Russia?
Does anti-Semitism exist in Russia?
I bought a surprising book in the Golutvinsky monastery which is near Kolomna in the region of Moscow. It is called “Sacred Russia against Khazaria”. The author of the book is Tatiana Gracheva. The table of contents is already amazing. For example, one of the heads says “The Rothschilds – a Khazarian clan serving the Antichrist”. Or “Obamacratia = obmancratia + Khazakratia”. Or “Talmud and kabbala xenophobia as driving force of a new world order”.

If you think that Khasar is the tribe that disappeared a long time ago, you are mistaken. According to the book, Khasari are “…ethnic, blood descendants of the Turkic-khazar nomads, turning into Judaism in the 12th century…” In one word, Jews are guilty everywhere and of everything. They are guilty of the war in the Chechen Republic; they organized the global economical crisis. And even the war in South Ossetia was their business. For example, the statement of the Russian government about the attack of Georgia on Russian peacemakers was a lie. Citation from the book: “…Thus, the war actually was not between Ossetia and Russia, but between Israel, the USA and Russia. And everything indicates that Israel plays the most important role…”

If all this had been written on a fence, it would be possible to put a finger at a temple and twist it and go on. But these revelations are published in an edition of 25000 exemplars by the publisher “Zyorna” (, with the blessing of Vysokopreosvjashchennogo Veniamin, archbishop of Vladivostok and the Seaside.

But most amazing is the author herself. Tatiana Gracheva is head of the department for the General Staff of Armed forces of the Military Academy of the Russian Federation. She is the author of many articles and books on the national security of Russia. She teaches the future Russian officers (!).

Ashot Ayrapetyan