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Tuesday 18 June

Главная News in the country 10th December – Human Rights Day
10th December – Human Rights Day


On the 4th of December 1950, the General Assembly of the UN on the Plenary Meeting officially declared the 10th December as Human Rights Day. All States and interested organizations were invited to adopt that day and to conduct appropriate events.

The 10th of December was chosen in honor of the adoption and proclamation of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) by the General Assembly on the 10th December 1948.

This declaration was the first international document defining provisions on human rights.

Excerpt of the speech of the UN Secretary-General:

“Education in the field of human rights is significantly more than only a lesson at school or the subject of the day. It is a process educating the people with mechanisms which are necessary to live in conditions of safety and with a sense of dignity.

Let us work together on this International Human Rights Day to form and educate the future generations with the culture of human rights, to promote the triumph of freedom, security and peace in all countries.”