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Tuesday 18 June

Главная News in the country FMS suggested Soviet way of struggle with fictitious registration
FMS suggested Soviet way of struggle with fictitious registration


The Federal Migration Service (FMS) suggested to prohibit the registration of an unlimited number of people in a confined living space, writes “Rossiskaya Gazeta”.

The office of the FMS of Moscow region has taken the initiative to prepare a bill amending the current housing legislation. Officials are concerned about a large number of cases where illegal migrants receive fictitious registrations in Moscow and Moscow region. In the near future the project should be submitted to the State Duma.

Now, in order to receive a registration on legal grounds it was enough to acquire a few square centimeters of housing. This is often used by criminals and fraudsters. People formalize credits, cars and even weapons on fictitious addresses.

The practice of limiting the number of residents in one apartment depending on its space occurred in the Soviet Union. Then problems arose with residence permits of even close relatives. In 1993, the Act “On the right of citizens of the RF on freedom of movement and choice of the place of residence and living” was passed, with the adoption of which the concept of “Propiska” (“Record of place of residence”) was lifted and the registration record of citizens introduced. In 2004, with the adoption of the new Housing Code all restrictions by the registration were removed.

This event delighted human rights activists and homeowners, but it turned into a surge of illegal migration. In Moscow region appeared were houses where in one apartment could be registered hundreds of people. For example, in one of these houses was registered the organizer of the explosion in the metro station “Rizhskaya” in 2004 Nikolai Kipkeev.