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Wednesday 17 April

Главная News in the country
News in the country
A bomb in a package found by one of Moscow‘s janitors

A local Uzbekistani Rashid Umarov detonated a homemade bomb while on his way home from the store.
- Late Monday afternoon a 26-year-old man came to the traffic police post at the intersection of Highway Ostashkov and MKAD and declared that in front of building 19 Severodvinsk street behind the fence of a parking slot, he had found a plastic bag. He told the police that he had decided to check the content of the package and after having unfolded it the explosion followed.
As it turned out, the package was a homemade bomb. At the explosion site, experts have found fragments of the detonator and electronic input boards of car alarms and surprising elements in the form of chopped wire (8 mm diameter). The bombs power equaled 200 grams of TNT.

The victim, according to the documents 26-year-old resident of Uzbekistan H. Shomuradovym, was taken to hospital with a missile wound to the oral cavity and mandibular fractures. Due to the incident an action was brought before court under the clauses of "hooliganism" and "possession of explosives”. The bomber is still not found.

Fascist progrom on cemetery in Bogorodsk

On 11th September 2009 at 9.40 in a call centre of the Department of Internal Affairs in the area of Borogodsk (region Nizhniy Novgorod) a message arrived from an employee from “Spectrum” in Borogodsk that in the night of the 9th to 10th September of the current year unknown persons have tumbled down and destroyed monuments on a burial place of inhabitants of Bogorodsk.

At departure to the place of the incidence was established, that on the old cemetery of the city Bogorodsk on avenue № 3 among tombs with burial places of mainly Russian inhabitants 17 monuments were overturned, one of them was destroyed.

On five monuments are signs of green colour in form of a swastika and one sign in form of a hexagonal star. The drawings have presumably been applied by grass.

At the moment is dealt with the question on criminal case excitation corresponding to article 244 of the criminal code of the Russian Federation (“violation of dead bodies and of their burial places”).


Extremists in Khabarovsk are condemned

The central court of the region Khabarovsk pronounced the sentence to the leader and the press-secretary of the regional branch of the informal social organization “Union of the Russian People” Pavel Onoprienko and Viktor Chulkin, as RIA Prima Media report in the national press agency of the ministry of internal affairs of the Russian Federation.

The criminal offences of the accused with regard to extremism caused excitement in October 2008 according to the material of the Centre “E” (in resistance to extremism).

As was established in the course of the investigation, at meetings of adherents of Onoprienko and Chulkin were repeatedly permitted extremist statements directed on hatred and enmity between nations, on humiliation of separate groups of citizens on the basis of their nationality or relation to religion.

Onoprienko and Chulkin also organized and carried out a meeting under extremist slogans in the regional musical theatre in Khabarovsk in Octobre 2007.

In the list of crimes committed by Onoprienko and Chulkin: the creation and release of the self-publishing newspapers “Russian Far East” and “Chernosotennaja Newspaper”, the extension of them and the supporters of the union on the areas and in the temples of Khabarovsk.

Pavel Onoprienko is recognized guilty of the commission of crime, part 1of article 282 annotation 1 of the criminal code of the Russian Federation (“Creation of extremist community and participation in it”), and also of two criminal activities provided in part 2 of article 282 of the criminal code of the RF (“Excitement of hatred or enmity, and equally humiliation of human dignity”). The court sentenced him to three years of prison with three and a half years of probation.

Viktor Chulkin was also recognized guilty by court of the commission of two criminal activities under part 2 of article 282 of the criminal code of the RF (“Excitement of hatred or enmity, and equally humiliation of human dignity”). With regard to the fact, that Chulkin has been accused for earlier commissions of criminal orientation, court has considered Viktor as a person who has not become on the correct way and sentenced him to three years of prison which he has to serve in a standard regime penal colony.

The sentence was not put into action.




12 марта в Московской городской Думе состоялся круглый стол на тему "Экстремизм в молодежной среде. Как ему противостоять?"

12 марта в Московской городской Думе состоялся круглый стол на тему "Экстремизм в молодежной среде. Как ему противостоять?", организованный по инициативе Молодежной палаты при МГД. 

В мероприятии приняли участие депутаты Московской городской Думы, члены Молодежной палаты, представители ГУВД и Прокуратуры столицы, участники ряда молодежных объединений и организаций национальных диаспор Москвы, представители различных политических партий, учащиеся московских вузов, журналисты. 

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