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Tuesday 25 June

Главная News in the country Refugees took a train in Poland to get to Strasbourg
Refugees took a train in Poland to get to Strasbourg

1 The high-profile incident occurred on Tuesday in Poland: 230 refugees from the Caucasus stormed into a train and demanded to take them to Strasbourg to complain to the European Court of Human Rights about the poor conditions in detention centers for immigrants. After lengthy negotiations on the border with Germany, the police had to remove the troublemakers from the carriages.

According to local media, the train on the main railway station in Legnica on Tuesday afternoon was occupied by citizens of Georgia and Russia (the people of Chechnya and Ingushetia) without tickets who have not yet received official refugee status and required their speedy delivery as well as better nutrition.

The train does not go to Strasbourg...
The by dissatisfied refugees occupied train was bound for Dresden, and stopped at the border checkpoint Zgorzelec on the Polish border with Germany.
"The foreigners have not received official refugee status, and have therefore no right to cross the Polish-German border, despite the fact that they are on the territory of the Schengen area", - explained the representative of the news service of Dolnoshlenskiy province to RIA Novosti.
To resolve the situation a special negotiating team was created from the Polish border guards and policemen, the negotiations continued for several hours. On the development of the situation was constantly informed by colleagues from Germany.
According to the Border Guard of Poland, many of the refugees were not carrying any documents.

Please release the carriages
As a result, more than two hundred people were "forced" to remove from the train.
"We did not directly apply physical force. No means which are available to the police, have been applied, taking into account that among the refugees were 60 children," - Anna Galon, press secretary of Nadodzhanskiy Division of the Border Guard Poland, told RIA Novosti.

According to her words, the detainees were taken to the Department of Border Guard in the town of Zgorzelec, where reports on the violation of the state border will taken, the verification of documents was already carried out at the border checkpoint.

"After that, most likely, all refugees will be delivered to the refugee centers in Poland where they had been," - she said.
A source told RIA Novosti, the refugees were in different centers, particularly in the city of Radom (50 people).

Next stop - Georgia?
Georgia's ambassador in Poland, Konstantin Kavtaradze, confirmed that among the train passengers were Georgian citizens.
"On the training which was crossing the Polish-German border in Zgorzelec which was following to Dresden and stopped, were, along with other citizens, about 30 citizens of Georgia" - said Kavtaradze the television company “Rustavi-2"on the phone.
According to him, "if the Polish law was violated, the Polish authorities have the right to deport citizens of Georgia to Georgia until the final review of their application for refugee status."